About Us and Our Travel Style

We are the Singletary's, Roger and Shirley. When we retired we knew we wanted to travel in our RV but in a different way.  We wanted to travel at a leisurely pace so that we could fully enjoy each state, town, park, and campground that we visited. So we made a rule to travel no more than 200 miles in one day and stay in one spot at least two days. This rule has worked out great for us. Having one full day at a campground gives us the proper amount of time to relax and enjoy our hobbies.

Our hobbies include kayaking, hiking, photography, and biking. We haul our bikes on a rack on the back of the RV and we have kayak racks on the top of our tow car. The life vest and kayak paddles are stored in the car so we are always prepared if we see a great lake or body of water while we are out exploring the area.  Of course we are always prepared to record a video or take photos of our adventures. The camera equipment includes a go pro, a video camera, and a couple of digital cameras. We love sharing our videos and photos of the places we visit and our favorite campgrounds with our family and friends.

 Our favorite places to camp are National Parks, State Parks, National Forest, Corps of Engineer Parks, and Bureau of Land Management Areas. These parks have larger campsites and most have access to nature trails and bike paths. Corps of Engineer parks are on the water and sometimes kayaks can be launched from the campsite. These parks have so many advantages over public parks.

 One advantage to these parks is the discount we receive as seniors. With a Senior National Park pass we receive a 50% discount on camping in National parks, National Forest, and Corps of Engineer Parks. In our state of Florida we also receive a 50% senior discount. We have found other states do not offer discounts for out of state residents, however State Parks are generally cheaper than public parks even without receiving a discount. We use several apps for finding these types of campgrounds but Allstays is our favorite. Another important app for travel is the weather app.

 Weather plays another factor in where we go. It is important to be aware of the weather conditions and we do monitor the weather in the area we are in and the area we are planning to be. If the weather has been bad in an area we are headed to we call ahead and make sure everything is okay for our stay there. Flooding can occur several days after a big rain storm and the park will close until the threat of flooding is over. Weather can be unpredictable so we try to be flexible when we travel. Being flexible when we travel truly makes the trip more exciting. Some of our most memorable trips came from unexpected changes in plans.

 We have enjoyed this year of travel and we are looking forward to several more years of exploring this great country.

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