Feb 2, 2017

The London Bridge in Arizona

As our adventure continues we found a treasure in Lake Havasu Arizona. This bridge in Arizona was built in 1830 and used as a bridge in England over the River Thames. Not only is this bridge beautiful to see but it is still being used. 

The vintage lamps are made from melted down cannons but now led lights light up the lamps instead of the traditional gas lights.

This is the tourist part of the London Bridge called London Land. The visitors center offers tours and history of the bridge.  

The dragon welcomes you at the entrance to London Land in Lake Havasu City
London Land has steps leading to the top of the bridge

There are many love locks on the bridge. Sweethearts come from all over to place a padlock with there name or initials on the bridge to symbolize their love.

We took the stairs to the top of the bridge and the views were spectular. 

London may not be in our future travels but it is nice to see part of it as we travel across America.

There are so many of these small treasures to see across America. Finding theses treasures is an exciting part of the adventure.  

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