Feb 28, 2017

How We Planned Our Great Loop of RVing and Kayaking

RVing and kayaking are two of our favorites things to do.  As spring approaches we are planning a trip that combines the two. 

8 Factors We Used for Planning This Adventure

1.  Weather - we prefer eighty degree weather -- try to avoid the tornado alley at peak season -- 

2.  Mileage between each destination-- Travel no more than 200 miles on a travel day 

3.  What is the checkin times at each campground  --we prefer to arrive at campsite around 2:00 and no later than 3:00 This gives plenty of time to set up camp before dark, maybe explore the area, and cook dinner.

4.  Can we get a reservation for at least two days at the campground -- state park campgrounds seem to be booked solid on weekends sometimes only offering a campsite for one night.  We try to avoid one night stands when possible.  The two day plan allows one full day to explore the area or enjoy a day of kayaking

5.   Choose campsites on water or close to water 
Being able to access the water without having to drive to a boat ramp to launch our kayaks

6.  Parks that offer discounts to seniors -- 
      Corp of engineers and national parks are 1/2 price with    interagency senior pass...National Forest   Agency offers discounts with this pass...  state parks only offer discounts to seniors that are citizens of that state.

7.  Cell phone service -  our kids get upset when they can not stay in contact with us -- they like to know we are safe

8.  Check out the reviews of the park -- campendum and allstays are the two sites we depend on for reviews - these internet sites gives us information on most of the things on this list. 

The reservations are made, the RV is packed, the kayaks are loaded on the toad, and the GPS is programmed with the coordinates of each campground. Planning is done -- let the adventure begin.

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  1. You said you try to avoid tornado alley in peak season...so when do you go? We haven't made it down there yet due to this very reason!

  2. Would you mind sharing your itinerary?