Feb 8, 2017

Free Camp Near White Sands NM Area

Just three miles from White Sands National Monument in New Mexico is a great place to camp for free. ( The directions are at the end of this blog post.)
 Recommended by the Ranger at White Sands National Monument
 The RV spots on the lake was very nice but the landscape behind the RVs was a dump. Literally a dump where large amounts of concrete was dumped.

Campsites are close but not as close as many of campgrounds that charge fees
 If you look close you can see the cars on highway 70 but the noise was not bad
 Here is one of the clues that you are in the right spot.  The binoculars with the 61
 When turning off 70 into the camping area there are fence posts that are quite close together. Watch your hips and mirrors as you travel thru
 The gate is open and as you can see has been for a long time even though the sign says keep closed

 It is very peaceful by the lake watching the sun go down.

To get to this great location go north past White Sands National Monument on Highway 70 to mile marker 203.  Look for the sign with the binoculars and the number 61.  Turn left. Watch for traffic coming south on 70 and when clear then cross the highway and  proceed slowly between the two fence post.  There are several camping spots to choose from.

Coordinates are 32.811124  -106.12017

a video of the drive into the BLM camping area

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