Jan 9, 2017

Rayneing Frogs

Who could resist a visit to the frog capital of the world.  If you are traveling down interstate 10 in Louisiana be sure to stop at Rayne, Louisiana exit 87. The town is just off the interstate and worth a stop.  Frogs welcome you as soon as you exit.

Never fear not real live frogs but murals and statues of frogs.  Many of the businesses, clubs, city offices, and even the post office and church have a special frog statue in front of the building. There are   109 in front of these businesses and 4 other frog statues at private residences according to the walking tour information. The beautiful murals are displayed on the sides of the businesses.  

Just off the interstate is the welcome to Rayne and a sculpture of Monsieur Jacques

Each business has a frog mascot out front.  Some were stilled dressed in their Christmas attire but some were getting ready for Mardi Gras.  Be sure to watch our slideshow

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