Jan 13, 2017

Hi Jolly

When visiting the town of Quartzsite Arizona it is a must to visit the Hi Jolly Cemetery.

This cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places

 Hi Jolly was one of the first camel drivers hired by the U S Army in 1856. 

 After the program was abandoned all the camels were set free in the desert and Hi Jolly chose to remain in what is now Quartzsite Arizona.Hi Jolly died in Quartzsite December 1902. The local people had become quite fond of Hi Jolly and when he died they erected a tomb of quartz and petrified wood in shape of a pyramid. 

In 1935 the Arizona Highway Department added the plaque to the front of the pyramid and erected the camel on top. 
The sign reads as follows
The last camp
Hi Jolly
Born somewhere in Syria
about 1823
Died at Quartzsite
December 16, 1902
Came to this country
February 10, 1856
Camel driver-Packer
Scout- over thirty years
a faithful aid to the
U.S. Government
Arizona Highway Department

Another sign gives more information about Hi Jolly and his camels

Here is a slide show of the pictures we took at the Hi Jolly

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