Jan 23, 2017

Camping at Quartzsite Arizona

Camping at Quartzsite, Arizona in January is to RVs as Oshkosh, Wisconsin is to airplanes in July and Sturges, South Dakota is to motorcycles in August Every year thousands of people flock to Quartzsite not only for a warmer place to be in the winter but to hob nob with other people that love to RV.

RV's as far as the eye can see.

Quartzsite offers free camping on BLM but has no hook ups for the RV.  There are lots of options in town for full hook RV parks but we always choose to dry camp on BLM for several reasons.  First it is free, second plenty of room between sites, and without the lights of the city it offers great views of the stars and moon.  

RVers have plenty of room to gather together 

 RV clubs of all types meet in Quartzsite

School Bus Conversion Group 

This bus named the Pickle

Tent Campers and Van campers
This group called the Rubber Tramps 

Escapees Club
or choose to be alone

So much to do out in the desert
Many bring OHV (off highway vehicles) to explore the back roads and mountain trails

Others bring gliders to explore from the air

Quartzsite has a lot to offer even if you don't own an OHV or glider there is plenty of exploring to do. Even shopping can be considered exploring since there is such a variety of vendors selling anything from food to rocks. If you are looking for a bargain then it can be found. 

Our new flag and flag pole at half the price of the ones at Camping World. 

 After a great day of shopping and exploring downtown, hanging out with friends, or roaming the countryside it's nice to sit back at camp and watch the beautiful sunset.

Then as an extra bonus a giant moon rises over the mountains

What a way to end a great day at Quartsite Arizona.

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