Oct 23, 2016

Is There Really a River in Florida with no Alligators

There is nothing like kayaking down the River on a cool autumn day.  The sun was out but the temperature was just at seventy degrees which made for a perfect day. We spent the day on the Withlacooche in Lee Florida. This River originates in Georgia and flows south into the Suwannee River at the Suwannee River State Park near Live Oak Florida.  (There is another River named the Withlacooche River in the southern part of Florida.) 

We were told there are no alligators in this part of the River due to the high banks and the cool spring water.  As we went down the river we saw plenty of turtles but no gators.  

The water appears to be black in areas but as we reached some shallow areas the water was a tea color and so clear the rocks on the bottom were visible.

As the water rushed over the shallow part of the River and over the large rocks the current was so swift it was impossible for us to continue up River so we changed directions and headed south.

The water can be deceiving and before you know what is happening you can be stuck on a rock.

I knew the rocks were there but I couldn't maneuver away from them, so into the rocks I went

The banks are filled with trees and rocks and makes for a beautiful view from the water.

It was very interesting to see some of the small caves in the rock along the bank.  

It was a great day on the Withlacooche River in Lee Florida. We had fun with friends, enjoyed the beautiful views, and the weather was perfect.  Such a great way to spent an autumn day.

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