Sep 22, 2016

You Gotta Play by the Rules-Our Travel to Whitten Campground Fulton Mississippi

We broke the rules when we traveled to Whitten Park. - Our rule not a set rule.-  During our time of travel we have used the two and two rule and this works perfect for us.  The two two rule is to travel no more than two hundred miles in a day and stay at a campground for no less than two days.  Normally we  leave one park around 11:00 am and arrive at our next destination around 3:00 pm.  For some crazy reason we decided to drive from Aux Arc in Arkansas all the way to Whitten Park in Mississippi. What a big mistake this turned out to be.  When we arrived at Whitten we were tired, hungry, and a little ill at each other.  This just reinforced the fact that the two two rule works to make our travels more pleasant. 

After we got our RV set up , ate dinner, and took a short walk through the campground, we could then appreciate the beauty of this park.
Who wouldn't be energized  by such a beautiful sunset over the river.  

Our campsite was right on the water with a path down to the fishing pier.  
After the sunset we made a campfire , sat back, relaxed and talked about what we would do this next day.  A couple of drinks and a little soft music changed our mood from bad to good.  After some thought we decided to go to Tupelo the next day and visit Elvis.

Tupelo Mississippi is only twenty or so miles from Whitten Campground and it was only fit that we visit the birth place of one of rock n rolls greatest artist, Elvis Presley. 

The church where Elvis would sing on Sunday
The house Elvis was born in

 After returning from our visit to Tupelo we still had time to explore the campground.
The park is home to the  John L Whitten Historical Center.

Once in the campground the center can be accessed from a wooden boardwalk that leads to the center.  The walk is through the woods and provides for a great nature walk as well

We also found a small part of the beach roped off for a swimming area.  At ninety one degrees it would have been a great day for a swim but we passed and chose a bike ride around the park instead. As we rode through the park we found the playground and basketball court.  This campground offers such a great variety of outdoor activities for all ages. 

Even though our stay at Whitten Park in Fulton Mississippi started out on a wrong note it ended in a great visit. Whitten Campground in Fulton Mississippi has become a favorite of ours.  Whitten has a beautiful landscape, plenty of outdoor activities, interesting places to visit, and a great place to relax

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We hope you enjoyed us sharing our day with you.  

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  1. Love the pictures, looks like a great place to see.