Sep 18, 2016

What the Heck Was That?

Have you ever just been out driving, saw a road that looked interesting and drove down it to see what is there?

As we wandered around the countryside in Oklahoma we saw a road, turned, and headed down the road. Didn't look like much at first then we found out it was leading to a lake. 
Since we love kayaking, and our kayaks are almost always on top of our little KIA, we continued our adventure down this road.

As we were looking for a place to launch the kayaks the road made a curve and we were headed back to the main highway. 

As we drove along we noticed something strange hanging from the fence post along side the road.  What the heck?

So of course we had to stop the car and get out to investigate the situation.
OMG it was a row of giant catfish heads
All we could say was What the Heck?

You never know what you will find when you venture off the main highway and go looking for adventure.

We hope you enjoyed us sharing our day with you.  

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