Sep 18, 2016

Went Looking For the Pioneer Woman and Found a Whole Lot More

As we continued on our migration south to our home state of Florida we spent a few days in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a beautiful state with rolling hills of tall prairie grass, huge wind mills,  lots of working oil rigs and home to one of Food Network's star, the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.

The Drummond Ranch is located near the small town of Pawhuska. This sign can be found at the corner of highway 60 and county road 4461. 

Pawhuska is easy to find,  just turn off of highway 135 at Ponca Oklahoma and follow highway 60 about forty miles straight to Pawhuska. 

The buildings in Pawhuska are surprisingly large and the town has a unique layout. 

Right in the middle of town is the Triangle Building.  This five story building was built in 1912.  The triangle building was quite a beautiful structure at one time and we were happy to see it is being renovated to bring back its former beauty.
We stopped by the Fire Station which is now the home of the Preserving Arts. One of the artist was working on the Ben Johnson Memorial.   She stopped her work and showed up around the studio.  She told us the history of Ben Johnson and how he became a famous cowboy star and stuntman in Hollywood. The town is very proud of this cowboy that was born and grew up in Pawhuska.
The Ben Johnson Memorial will be a bronze statue of Ben Johnson roping a steer. The memorial will be 1 1/4 life size when complete.

Another famous person honored in Pawhuska is John D. Free an award winning artist born in Osage County. His bronze sculptures are featured through out the town.  Free founded the Bronze Horse Foundry in Pawhuska, which is still operated by his family.

The building being renovated by Ree Drummond and scheduled to open in September was not complete inside but the outside was stunning.  We could tell the town was beautiful at one point and we are happy to see the buildings coming back to life.
We enjoyed our stroll through this town.  The people were friendly and very proud of their community. Even though the Pioneer Woman is what drew us to visit this town it was the people and history of this town that made it worth the trip.

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