Sep 18, 2016

We Wanted to See Buffalo and Yes We Did

Nothing excites us more than seeing animals in the wild.  We have traveled twenty five states and Canada this year and have seen buffalo in one state  (Utah) and Canada before now.  Never would we had believed the number of bison in the herd at Tallgrass Prairie in Oklahoma if we had not visited the Preserve.
 The brochure said they have over 3,000 bison on 39,000 acres.  Since we only drove the bison loop we were not expecting to see so many in one spot.

Of course we followed the rules and stayed in the car to take photos.  When we see warning signs we do not test the system.

So with the window on the car down and the camera zooming out , here is the close up of one huge bison.

While visitors are instructed to stay in their vehicle while driving through the preserve there are designated trails and picnic areas open to the public.

Be sure to stop by the Visitors Center for a chat with the volunteers and they will give you information on trails, picnic areas, and even where the bison may be that day.

The Preserve Headquarters where the visitors center is located is 17 miles from Pawhuska. To get to the Preserve look for this sign as you ride through Pawhuska

To get to the preserve from Pawhuska, drive north on Kihekah from where it intersects Highway 60 in downtown Pawhuska (at the corner with the triangle shaped building). Look for the sign and it will direct you to the Headquarters where the visitor center is located.

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