Sep 6, 2016

Black Sandy State Park Montana

After a week enjoying Glacier National Park we headed south to Helena, Montana.  The decision to stop at Black Sandy State Park was a great plan.  The RV's were close to each other but the outdoor space behind the RV was spectacular with it being right on the water.

Being right on the water made for easy kayak launching. Our neighbor brought this party float which they launched from their campsite.
Something about sitting by the water and enjoying the view of the mountains being reflected in the water is mental therapy. 

Even though the temperature dropped to 45 degrees that night it didn't seem to bother the tent campers at all. They just built a great fire in the fire rings and had a great time. Of course the next morning no one appeared from their tent till the middle of the morning. Guess they slept snug in their sleeping bags.
We enjoyed our stay at Black Sandy State Park and wish we could have stayed longer.  With the prediction of snow at 5000 feet elevation we decided to head further south.

When you are in Montana be sure to visit Black Sandy State Park.

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