Sep 20, 2016

Arkansas River- Aux Arc Campground

Sitting quietly in our lounge chairs watching the birds, just enjoying the serenity of this great campground when all of a sudden a giant foghorn blows and scares us out of chairs.

At Aux Arc Campground in Ozark, Arkansas you'll get it all. A beautiful river view with many types of birds, huge barges coming down the river, and trains that go for miles.

Many folks would take the trains and foghorns as a negative to any campground but we consider these a small distraction from too much peace and quiet. The foghorns and trains did not seem to bother the birds that were in and near the water.

If you like birdwatching then you would enjoy this campground.      

 Aux Arc is a small campground operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. This is very well maintained with large campsites of which most are on the water.

Their is a large play area for the kids, great roads for bike riding, and a boat dock for motor boats and kayaks.  

We had a great time at Aux Arc Campground in Ozark, Arkansas.  Not many campgrounds offer the entertainment that the river provided. From watching all types of birds on the water, to the blast of a train horn with miles of train cars going down the tracks  right across the river, and then the low pitched foghorn as the barge heads down the river,  sitting on the river bank was exciting. 

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