Sep 7, 2016

Antelope Island State Park Utah

Antelope Island is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  We spent the entire day exploring the island and we didn't want to leave.

As we drove across Montana and Idaho we were hoping to see buffalo and other wild animals roaming around.  All we saw were thousands of cows. As soon as we entered Antelope Island we encountered a buffalo. Boy were we excited!!
The island is 15 miles long and over 4 miles wide. Seems every mile offered something exciting to see.  The Great Salt Lake was beautiful with the white salt flats lining its bank.  The site of hundreds of buffalo was breath taking.
Driving up the mountains was a little scary but when we reached the top the views were worth it.

Of course you can't visit Antelope Island without seeing an Antelope

As we crossed the connecting road ,leaving the island, the sun was in the perfect position to catch the reflection of the mountain in the lake.
What a perfect ending to a perfect day at Antelope Island in Utah.

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