Aug 11, 2016

North Higgins Lake State Park Michigan

Large campsites Room for all of our stuff.  

Each site has a large fire pit and picnic table

The trail to the beach was next to our camp site and was only a short walk to the lake

This is the trail to the lake

The trail is thru a beautiful wood area with moss covered tress and stumps

Picnic tables are located next to the water

This kinda scared me but then I wasn't going for a swim only kayaking

Early morning kayaker

The water is so clear and beautiful with a sandy bottom.

The bike trail by the water

Picnic areas on the water also offer some shade

The wood area between the lake and the campgrounds

Camp host offers some activities for the weekend

Time to load up and move on to our next adventure

We did enjoy our time at North Higgins State Park in Michigan.  The campsite was large and shaded.  Easy to carry the kayaks to the water

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