May 22, 2013

Charleston South Carolina -A Short but Sweet Trip

Charleston is a beautiful old southern style town but it is also a tourist town.  The streets were nice to walk down but it was also crowded with visitors.  Our first and only day started with a walk through the city and the market place.  The market place was interesting but very commercial and the items for sale were a little pricey for me.  I was expecting more homemade items from the local people but I did not find this to be true.  I did taste the freeze dried okra and found it delicious. Another area had recycled wine bottles and other hand made items that were nice but too expensive for me. 
We had lunch at a great seafood place called Hyman's Seafood. The lines were long and the wait time to have lunch was 30 minutes for us.  I would recommend eating there when you are in Charleston because the food was great and the prices were not bad. 
After lunch we drove to the Tea Plantation which is the only tea growing farm in the United States.  The tea grows on a bush that  looks like a shrub you would see growing in your yard.  They harvest the new leaves as they grow and process these into several types of tea.  The tour of the plant was very informative but we went when the plant was not in operation. 


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