Jul 13, 2010

New Orleans April 2010

A trip in our Rv is always fun when you add my sister and her husband. We set out for New Orleans on Friday before Easter Sunday. Our first stop was the Majestic Oaks RV Resort in Biloxi Mississippi. The campground was a great surprise since you never know what you are getting the first time in an area. The place was terrific with easy pull in and hook up and the bathroom and showers were clean and well equipped.

On Saturday we took a drive down the coast and found a arts and craft festival at the college. It was a small festival but interesting with an array of art booths and live music.

Next stop was a great seafood place across from the ocean. The food was very delicious and the atmosphere was pleasant. Since we had not been to this part of the country we were amazed at the lots where only concrete slabs were left after the Katina Storm.

We headed to the casinos -- since we are not gamblers and I really hate to throw my money away-- we only spent about an hour.

Sunday morning we continued our trip to New Orleans. We stayed at the KOA and found it to be very simple and very small. After we set up camp we drove to Bourbon Street and spent the afternoon walking and visiting the many tourist shops. We stopped to eat at one the many restaruants. The food was not good and the resturant was far from appealing. I think we all regretted stopping in to eat and we put it on our do not return list. However, we did find one place that served the best coffee. The Cafe Du Monde turned out to be a treat. The coffee was a mixture of coffee and hickory and the beignets were deliouis with it. We stopped there several times during our visit.

Monday we set out to go on the Katrina Tour. It was a 3 hour tour of the different areas affected by the floods caused by the Katrina Storm. The tour was very long and we only stopped to exit the bus one time. The guide did give us her view of the governments involvement of the storm and a personal account of what she endured during the days and weeks after the flood. Our only stop was at one of the famous New Orleans cemetery. The guide told us that many people believe the vaults are built above ground because of the risk of floods. She said that is not true and they are built for the purpose of natural cremation. The people do not believe in cremation because of their religion. The vaults are built so when the body is place inside the heat will provide a natural cremation of the body. This takes a year and a day. When the next member of the family passes then the vault is opened and the remains of the previous family member are swept to the back of the vault and the next person is placed in the vault. We were all glad we went on the Katrina tour and we did end up with a better understanding of the people of New Orleans

Phyllis and I went to visit one of the plantations open to the public. The place was small in comparison to the plantations we have visited in Georgia and other states. The plantation's first crop was the indigo plant and I had never heard of a plantation growing plants for ink. Very interesting exhibit on how they insulated the house and also a demonstration on moss and the way it was used to fill furniture before foam rubber was invented.

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