Jun 5, 2009

The Outer Banks North Carolina

May 2009

We spent several days visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Even though I live in Florida I still enjoy going to other beaches. I was quite amazed at the beautiful sand dunes at Cape Hatteras and the giant dune at Jockey State Park. The photos I took of the dunes look like snow capped mountains since the sand is as white as snow. Climbing the dunes from the campground to the beaches were a killer on my legs but it was worth it once I got to the ocean. The water was too cold for me and I do not care to go into the ocean. I do like sitting on the beach listening to the crashing waves which is very relaxing.

Our first full day on Hatteras Island we went exploring the south part of the Island. At the end of Hatteras is a ferry that takes vehicles over to Ocracoke Island. I have not been on a ferry since I was a little girl and have never been on one as large as the one we took from Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke Island. We drove our motor home right onto the ferry and enjoyed the 40 minute ride across the water. The ride was very smooth and we were allowed to leave our vehicle and walk. After we arrived at the Island it was a 15 mile trip to the little village at the far end. I wanted to visit the lighthouse but there was no parking available. When we returned to the ferry to go back to Cape Hatteras there as a line of vehicles waiting to load and it took us about an hour to get back on the ferry. The ferry was loaded with vehicles and another motor home plus ours. After we landed at the port we drove back north and stopped by the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. This lighthouse is the nations tallest and the famous symbol of North Carolina. The lighthouse is open to the public and anyone that wishes can climb to the top but we chose to pass on the walk to the top.

The following day we took a trip to the northern part of the Outer Banks. We drove to Nags Head , Kills Devil Hills, and Kitty Hawk. We took a tour of Jockey State Park but felt we were to old to walk to the top of the giant sand dune. It was spectacular to see from a distance. The hand gliding school is located at the park and there were many young people making the trip up the dune with their hand gliding equipment. Since they were departing the other side of the dune we were not able to see them gliding off the dune. After leaving Jockey State Park we went to Wright Brothers museum and monument. The museum had a chronological display of the Wright Brothers life leading up to the first flight and several replicas of the first flying machine. After we left the museum we decided to stop at one of the local restaurants on the water and try the seafood. We chose Millers Waterfront and was extremely pleased, the food was delicious and the atmosphere over looking the water was wonderfully calming. Their website is http://www.millerswaterfront.com/.

We left the following day heading back to Florida. Even though it is a twelve hour drive to Hatteras Island North Carolina we felt it is worth the trip. The beaches are beautiful, the dunes are amazing, the ferry boat was fun, and the food was excellent. If you have never been to the Outer Banks then plan a trip and if you have been then you know what I mean

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