Sep 20, 2017

Aug 24, 2017

Lake Weir Florida - Lemon Point- A Day on the Lake with Family

When we are in Florida we love hanging out with family. In the summer the lake is our favorite spot to gather and spend the day. Here is a video of our day on Lemon Point and a view of the lake from our GoPro Drone

Mar 15, 2017

From Arizona to Florida -- February 2017

February 1st we started our trip back to Florida from Quartzsite Arizona. Here is a break down of our 16 day trip
February 1st we were back in Quartzsite Arizona at a free camping spot on BLM land.-- By the first of February Quartzsite is back to being a quiet peaceful camping area.  All the RV show people have left and now only a few hundred campers remain in this BLM area. It was hard to leave such a peaceful spot but we had to continue on our journey.

Our next stop was Gilbert Ray Campground in Tucson Arizona. We stayed  2 nights and paid $40.00   Arizona has such beautiful sunsets and Gilbert Ray Campground did not let us down.  The campsites are surrounded by the natural landscape of cactus and rocks.  It seemed the sunset just brought out the beauty of the landscape.
While we were in Tuscon we took a trip to the Biosphere 2.  Owned by the University of Arizona since 2011, it is a Earth systems science research facility. 

From Tuscon we headed east on Interstate 10 to Demings New Mexico  We spent 2 nights at 81 Palms Campground.  The cost for the 2 nights $56.00.  If  train noise and interstate noise bothers you then this is not the campground for you. This is the second time we have stayed at the park so you can tell the noise doesn't bother us.  Plus it was time to do some laundry and this campground has a large laundry facility. All work and no play is not fun so after the laundry was done we headed to Rockhound State park for the rest of the day.  Being Floridians we get excited seeing rocks of different colors and shapes.  The park ranger told us not to stay on the designated path if we wanted to find some really nice rocks so we ventured up the side of the mountain.  It was a perfect day for a hike and we found some beautiful rocks to take home.

 Our next stop was White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo New Mexico.  After a visit to the visitors center and viewing a video about the dunes we spent the day walking the sand dunes and watching people slide down the dunes.  Hard to believe that in the middle of all of these mountains and rocks is such a beautiful white sand area.
The park ranger at the visitors center gave us directions to a free camping spot on BLM land just a few miles from the park. Here is short video showing the camping area

 White Sands National Monument New Mexico free camp

Our next stop was an overnight stop in Stockton Texas.

Hilltop RV Ft Stockton Texas  $30.00

After boondocking it is nice to stay overnight where the tanks can be flushed and the water topped off.  Hilltop RV is located just off Insterate 10 in Ft Stockton Texas.  The next day we were back on the road by 11:00 AM headed to our next stopover in Junction City Texas.

Once we arrived at Junction City and set up camp we took a drive into town.  Our first stop was the Chamber of Commerce.  The two ladies at the front desk was so kind and helpful and said they hoped we had a wonderful time staying at the city park.  They directed us to the one and only grocery store in town.  After a little grocery shopping we went back to camp and explored the park.
This eagle is only one of several wood carivngs found in the park.
Also we were lucky to see a deer on a small island in the river.

KOA Austin Texas  $42.50
Cut N Shoot Texas  2 nights $81.00
Fontainbleu State Park Louisana  $26.00
Rivers Edge Holt Florida $28.00
                                                      Cairo Georgia 2 nights free camp

Miles Driven 2647
Camping  343.50  15 nights 
Fuel Cost  540.59  

Mar 5, 2017

From Florida to California -January 2017 Travel Cost

Traveled from Ocklawaha,Florida to
Death Valley,California to
Valley of Fire Nevada, and then
Lake Mead Recreation Area Nevada
2909 miles  driven month of January 2017
14 travel days with average of 209 miles per travel day
14 different camping areas - 7 camping areas the first week of travel from Florida

January 1 - 7 2017 Week one               January 8 - 14 Week Two            January 15- 21 week three
Free Campsite                                        Benson Arizona     $31.57          Quartzsite AZ  free
Robertsdale Alabama    $34.60              Tonopah Arizona    28.80
Rayne Louisiana            30.00               Quartzsite Arizona   free
Cut N Shoot Texas         40.50
Junction Texas               35.00
Van Horn Texas             38.50
Benson Arizona              31.57

Week one Camping       210.17             Week Two Camping   130.41      Week Three
                 Fuel Cost       575.38                  Fuel Cost                  60.37                 zero cost              
Total Spent                     785.55               Total Spent                190.78       Total Spent  0            

January 22 - 28 week four                                       Last three days of January 2017
Lake Havasau Arizona   95.00 3 days                     Death Valley California         $7.00
Death Valley California  40.00 4 days                     Valley of Fire Nevada            30.00
                                                                                    Lake Meade Rec Area            10.00

Week Four Camping    $135.00                            
                   Fuel Cost     115.51
Total Spent                    250.51                            

  Monthly Total       
                                                             31 days camping         522.58
                                                             fuel cost                       751.26
                                                            Total Monthly Cost    1273.84